The Resilience Project was awarded the  2015 Leadership 500 Excellence Award  for outstanding and exemplary Leadership Programs and Solutions!

The Resilience Project was awarded the 2015 Leadership 500 Excellence Award for outstanding and exemplary Leadership Programs and Solutions!

There is a “new normal” in organizational life. We have created a series of workshops, webinars, coaching programs and assessments that can assist leaders and organizations to thrive during the new normal of rapid, sometimes unceasing change. We know from cutting-edge research on the human brain and from years of experience in the field that resilience is something we can teach and develop, and we’ve seen results from these programs spanning from higher employee engagement to more effective executive teams to greater capacity for innovation and strategic thinking. Resilient leaders are those who adapt, change, and take challenges as opportunities to re-invent themselves. 

We have spent the last six years designing and refining programs that help leaders and the organizations they lead to adapt to times of extraordinary change and challenge, including downsizing, fast growth, mergers & acquisitions, and trauma in the workplace. Based on cutting-edge research on what helps individuals and organizations thrive during rapid change, we’ve created proprietary tools and programs that make a powerful, positive, and measurable impact on change leadership and change-ready organizational culture.

The Resilience Project provides a structured approach to the people side of change management. Our objective is to develop powerful, high-performing organizations that can flex and adapt to sudden, rapid, or constant change.


  • Define project scope, objectives, and participants
  • Data Gathering / Assessment and Initial Messaging 
  • Senior Executive Sessions
  • Key Leader Sessions and Assignments
  • Webinars and Books across the Enterprise
  • Video and email follow up with tools and prompts


Program ResultS

Results For The Individual Participant Leader:

  • Connection to individual resilience attributes that help us lead through stressful times or rapid change.
  • Strategies for shifting team mood and performance.
  • Concrete tools for managing complaints and other negative patterns on your team.
  • Proactive versus reactive approach to culture development.
  • Enhanced leadership and management skills, strengths, and can-do attitude.

Results For The Organization:

  • Increased employee engagement.
  • Leadership with a commitment to "be the change" they wish to see in the organization.
  • Easy integration with existing culture initiatives and leadership development programs.
  • Increased morale, optimism, and positivity.
  • Clear, proven methodology for developing change-leadership, change-readiness, and adaptability.
  • More effective use of meeting time.
  • Better communication across the organization.


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