Sloan Group International has a proven track record in large-scale executive coaching programs at major multinational organizations.  Our coaches are experienced and diverse in their backgrounds and skills, and our proprietary matching process ensures we find the best-fit coaches for individuals and their organizational context.  What bonds us together is our philosophy of focusing on organizational and individual strengths and our commitment to following a clear process of contracting, managing, and leveraging coaching results.

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Common uses of executive coaching include:

  • Providing a confidential sounding board/ thinking partner for C-suite executives.

  • Onboarding new executives or successors to key positions.

  • Developing emerging leaders / high potential leaders.

  • Enhancing cross-cultural dexterity/ adapting to expat assignments.

  • Supporting change-leadership by honing in on specific competencies, strategies, and attributes during a change process.

  • Integrating learning programs into the culture through short-term training follow-up.


Our coaching process has been developed over fourteen years of designing and delivering executive coaching programs to organizations worldwide.  Our approach is based on well researched best practices of executive coaching as defined by the May 2003 Corporate Leadership Council study “Maximizing Returns on Professional Executive Coaching”, the American Management Association’s “ Coaching: A Global Study of Successful Practices: Current Trends and Future Possibilities 2008-2018" as well as our own well-honed model developed in collaboration with our clients. A trained Senior Consultant acts as a “Master Coach” and facilitates regular case conferences in which the coaches share themes and issues in coaching for maximum client benefit. 

We have the capacity to source coaches across the globe and currently have SGI affiliates in the United States, Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, China, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, and India.

    Program Results

    • Heightened awareness of leadership strengths, competencies, and attitudes.
    • Individualized assessment and feedback that gets at what others don’t directly communicate.
    • Enhanced emotional intelligence, people management skills, and strategies.
    • Private, confidential goal setting and achievement.
    • Expert consult on leading and influencing unique constituent groups.
    • Increased effectiveness, endurance, and fulfillment on the job.
    • Exponential organizational impact as the individual leader incorporates coaching skills into their own management practice.

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